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Apple’s App Tracking Transparency feature has arrived — here’s what you need to know – TechCrunch

iOS 14.5 — the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system — is launching today, and with it comes a much-discussed new privacy feature called App Tracking Transparency. The part was first announced nearly a year ago, although the company delayed the launch to give developers more time to prepare. Since then, support for the feature has already gone live in iOS, and some apps have already adopted it (for example, I’ve seen tracking requests from Duolingo and Venmo). Still, now Apple says it will actually start enforcing the new rules.

Apple App Tracking Transparency

That means iPhone owners will start seeing much more privacy prompts as they continue using their regular apps, each one asking for permission to “track your activity across other companies’ apps and websites.” Every app that requests tracking approval will also show up in a Tracking menu within your broader iOS Privacy settings, allowing you to toggle monitoring on and off any time — for individual apps or all of them.

What does turning to track on or off actually do? If you say no to search, the app will no longer be able to use Apple’s IDFA identifier to share data about your activity with data brokers and other third parties for ad-targeting purposes. It also means the app can no longer use other identifiers (like hashed email addresses) to track you. However, it may be more challenging for Apple to actually enforce that part of the policy.

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