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Army of the Dead 2 Confirmed for Netflix With Zack Snyder, but Not After Until Rebel Moon

Army of the Dead 2 has been confirmed — but it’s not coming for a while. Zack Snyder will return to direct and write the sequel to Army of the Dead with the first chapter’s co-writer Shay Hatten, but only after he’s done with his Star Wars and Akira Kurosawa-inspired sci-fi adventure movie Rebel Moon, which goes into production in early 2022. Those titles — Army of the Dead 2 and Rebel Moon — are part of a new first-look film deal set up by Snyder at Netflix, alongside wife and producing partner Deborah Snyder and executive Wesley Coller. Together, they run the production outfit The Stone Quarry Productions.

The Hollywood Reporter brings word of Snyder’s new expanded deal at Netflix, with confirmation straight from the horse’s mouth. Deborah said: “For us, it was so important to find a partnership that was based on mutual respect. The creative process works best when everybody trusts each other, and you can take chances and be creative. For us, we don’t usually play it safe. The content we make is a little bit edgier. And I think it’s important to have a good partnership and hear each other. And Netflix has given us a lot of freedom. But they’ve also embraced the idea of trying new things and not necessarily waiting for success before moving ahead.”

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Army of the Dead is already on its way to becoming a franchise. A prequel film, Army of Thieves (centered on Matthias SSchweighöfer’sArmy of the Dead character Dieter), is due on Netflix later in 2021. TThere’salso the anime spin-off series, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, which follows the Army of the DDead’sprincipal cast before the film’s events. Snyder will direct episodes of Army of the Dead:

Lost Vegas, slated to premiere in early 2022 on Netflix. The streaming service will also take that approach to Rebel Moon, with sequels and series already being planned. This might seem premature, but NNetflix’sfaith in Snyder appears to be paying off. Netflix revealed that Army of the Dead was watched by 75 million member households in the first 28 days after its release in May. That made Army of the Dead one of NNetflix’stop 10 movies of all time, following Chris HHemsworth’sExtraction (99 million), Sandra Bullock-led Bird Box (89 million),

Mark WWahlberg’sSpenser Confidential (85 million), Ryan Reynolds-led 6 Underground (83 million), Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in Murder Mystery (83 million), Charlize TTheron’sThe Old Guard (78 million), Millie Bobby Brown-led Enola Holmes (76 million), and Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Project Power (75 million).

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