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Betoota Advocate cops criticism for satirical posts about Sydney lockdown protests

Satire website Betoota Advocate has copped heavy criticism from some of its followers for a pair of posts about the anti-lockdown protests in Sydney.

The satirists who have made a specialty out of spoofing politicians and Baby Boomers managed to trigger their fanbase with the posts.

The first, posted on Saturday, had the headline “Thousands march to highlight understandable distrust of PM’s s***house public health messages”.

“The descent into violence in the Sydney march speaks to the bigger issue that the fear surrounding the jabs … Conspiracies thrive when working people have their self-worth stripped from them by a government who couldn’t even organize enough jabs to prevent this situation,” the accompanying text said.

“While the march organizers insist it was ‘simply about freedom’, the anti-medical undertows were very present, proving the movement has grown in leaps and bounds ever since the concerted effort by Scott Morrison and News Corp to publicly undermine trust in our leading health experts to protect this government.”

The second came the following day and was titled “’ Stupid bogans’ to blame for yesterday, not lack of JobKeeper or insufficient supply of jabs”.

It said the media and politicians would be relieved the protests happened because it would “take the heat off their friends in the government who have spent months cornering distressed citizens into finding comfort in unhelpful conspiracies”.

Whereas the average Betoota Advocate story posted to Instagram last week drew about 680 comments, each protest post garnered more than 3400 comments.

The comment section under each post was filled with overwhelmingly negative comments, with many saying they were “disappointed” and that the seats were “tone-deaf” and “missed the mark”.

“This point stinks … normally you’re on point, but this one couldn’t be further from it,” one person wrote.

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