Decorate Your Walls With These Nature Inspired Metal Posters

Spring is all about out with the old and in with the new. And after you’ve whizzed through your spring cleaning routine, it’s only natural to want to bring the joy of spring into your own home. That means switching over to lighter fabrics and linens, but it’s also the perfect time to update the wall art in your home with brighter colors and fresher spring-like themes. But we all know hanging art just right can be tricky. And if you don’t plan carefully, you can end up with more holes in your walls than you have pictures to hang.

This is why we love Displate – an online art store that makes it easier than ever to decorate your walls without a hammer, nails, or hardware. Displate sells HD, gallery-quality artworks printed on metal that hangs magnetically with a time investment of about 20 seconds total.

Here’s how it works: Every Displate metal print comes with a super-sticky magnetic strip (or strips depending on size). Peel away the sticker’s backing and press the sticky side to the wall. Your Displates will instantly hold solid and secure to the magnet since it’s made of metal. It’s a totally no-fuss and damage-free solution to give your walls some instant life. They’re great for any home or living space, but they’re kind of a game-changer for renters or dorm-dwellers who want art and style and the ability to keep their walls intact. If you’re moving or painting, the magnet easily peels off the wall damage-free! It also makes switching out prints according to your mood, your latest obsession, or the season easier than ever.

Katie Axon

Katie Axon is a 25-year-old junior programmer who enjoys listening to music, podcasting and theatre. She is kind and giving, but can also be very rude and a bit greedy. She is an Australian Christian. She has a degree in computing. She is obsessed with bottled water.

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