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Detail wants to turn your phone into a software-optimized camera app for live video – TechCrunch

Meet Detail, a new startup working on an app for iOS and macOS so that you can turn your iPhone into a software-optimized camera for live video. The startup wants to make it easy to use the phone that you have in your pocket with the livestreaming platform that you already use, such as Zoom, Google Meet, Twitch, Hopin, or YouTube Live.

Over the past year, if you have had to present something to a large audience over a Livestream, chances are you’ve faced a few challenges. First, as Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal demonstrated, laptop webcams suck. There’s no way you’re going to look good with your computer.

Second, if you’re willing to invest some money, you can buy a ring light, a dedicated camera, a good microphone, etc. The issue is that it’s expensive. More importantly, it’s been tough to buy some of this stuff as many remote workers have been looking for those devices.

Third, you might be good at teaching something but not good at video production. Those are different skills, and somehow people are telling you that you should know everything about white balance, anti-flickering, and more.

As for Detail, the company wants to make it easy to go from zero to Livestream. The best camera that you have is most likely the one in your pocket, right there on the back of your smartphone. For the past few years, computational photography has led to tremendous improvements in taking photos with your phone. But there’s still some work to do on the livestreaming front.

Detail founder Paul Veugen rightly points out that hosting a live video has become a commodity. But everything that happens before you send the video feed over the internet could be improved.

At first, Detail will be an iPhone and Mac app that works hands in hand like Camo and EpocCam. There are going to be some easy-to-use settings to tweak color grades, add filters, etc. It’s going to be a more opinionated take on the smartphone-as-a-webcam movement.

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