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Everything Google announced at I/O today – TechCrunch

This year’s I/O event from Google was heavy on the “we’re building something cool,” and light on the “here’s something you can use or buy tomorrow.” But there were also some exciting surprises from the semi-live event held in and around the company’s Mountain View campus. Read on for all the exciting bits.

Android 12 gets a fresh new look and some quality of life features.

We’ve known Android 12 was on its way for months, but today was our first honest look at the following significant change for the world’s most popular operating system. A new look, called Material You (yes), focuses on users, apps, and things like time of day or weather to dynamically change the UI’s colors and other aspects. Some security features like a new camera and microphone use indicators are coming, and some “private compute core” features that use AI processes on your phone to customize replies and notifications. There’s a beta out today for the adventurous!

Wow, Android powers 3 billion devices now.

Subhead says it all (but read more here). Up from 2 billion in 2017.

Smart Canvas smushes Docs, productivity, and video calls together.

Millions of people and businesses use Google’s suite of productivity and collaboration tools, but the company felt it would be better if they weren’t so isolated. With Smart Canvas, you can have a video call as you work on a shared doc together and bring in information and content from your Drive and elsewhere. Looks complicated but potentially convenient.

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