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Facebook debuts ‘Live Shopping Fridays’ featuring beauty, fashion and skincare brands – TechCrunch

Facebook wants to whet consumers’ appetite for live-streamed shopping with this week’s launch of the “Live Shopping Fridays” event series, which will see more prominent brands live streaming beauty, skincare, and fashion content every week. The event begins Friday, May 22nd, and runs through mid-July, with streams from brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Sephora, Dermalogica, Alleyoop, and Zox.

The events are meant to encourage more prominent brands to try out live shopping as a medium and generally raise awareness about live shopping on Facebook among consumers.

The brands will use their live shopping events in some ways. They may give a behind-the-scenes look at their business or partner with creators to showcase their products in “how-to” style videos.

During the live streams, viewers can comment and ask questions that brands can read and respond to. Shoppers can also tap on the products displayed in the stream to learn more without leaving the video. If they want to buy, they can add them to the cart and check out at any time — during or even after the event has wrapped. The brands receive the customer’s shipping information, and if the consumer opts-in.

They can gain access to other details as well, like email and phone numbers. Live stream video shopping became publicly available on Facebook last summer, following a series of smaller trials and beta tests, where the format initially found traction with smaller to medium-sized businesses and digital-first brands, Facebook says. The Covid pandemic also pushed the format’s adoption, in some cases, as creative business owners turned to live shopping to reach their customers when lockdowns closed non-essential businesses.

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