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Facebook introduces a new miniplayer that streams Spotify from the Facebook app – TechCrunch

Facebook announced last week an expanded partnership with streaming music service Spotify that would bring a new way to listen to music or podcasts directly within Facebook’s app, which is called Project Boombox. Today, the companies are rolling out this integration via a new “mini-player” experience that will allow Facebook users to stream from Spotify through the Facebook app on iOS or Android. The feature will be available to both free Spotify users and Premium subscribers.

The mini player itself is an extension of the social sharing option already supported within Spotify’s app. Now, when Spotify users are listening to the content they want to share with Facebook, they’ll be able to tap the existing “Share” menu (the three-dot menu at the upper right of the screen) and then tap either “Facebook” or “Facebook News Feed.”

When a user posts an individual track or podcast episode to Facebook through this sharing feature, the post will now display in a new mini player that allows other people who come across their post to also play the content as they continue to scroll or reshare it. (Cue MySpace vibes!)

Spotify’s paid subscribers will be able to access full playback, the company says. Free users, meanwhile, will be able to hear the whole shared track, not a clip. But afterward, they’ll continue to listen to ad-supported content on Shuffle mode, just as they would in Spotify’s own app.

One important thing to note here about how all these work is that the integration allows the music or podcast content to play from within the Spotify app. When a user presses play on the mini-player, an app switch takes place to log in to Spotify. The mini player activates and controls the launch and playback in the Spotify app — which is how the playback can continue even as the user scrolls on Facebook or if they minimize the Facebook app altogether.

This setup means users will need to have the Spotify mobile app installed and a Spotify account for the mini player to work. For first-time Spotify users, they’ll have to sign up for a free account to listen to the music shared via the mini player.

Spotify notes that it’s not possible to sign up for a paid account through the mini-player experience itself, so there’s no revenue share with Facebook on new subscriptions. (Users have to download the Spotify app and sign up for Paid accounts from there if they want to upgrade.)

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