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Health Anxiety and Solutions

It’s always important to take care of oneself using all the principles of good health. Regular check-ups, proper nutrition, and healthful living enable one to keep on top of their health in a careful yet reasonable way. Often one becomes overly concerned with health issues and caught up in a cycle of health worries. One health issue is reconciled when another immediately pops up to take its place.

These worries become all-encompassing and exhausting after a while. Eventually, the individual realizes that this cycle of health anxieties has intruded upon the quality of their life. This intrusive form of anxiety has to be addressed: a dark cloud, always hovering over the daily living. One begins by determining why this is occurring, what purpose it serves, and how to interrupt this behavior.

Reason for Health Anxiety

Health worries actually serve a purpose, and this purpose is not difficult to detect if one looks deep enough into this pattern of behavior. Often this pattern involves the brain distracting from specific emotions which the individual finds difficult to address. Many emotions, such as anger, grief, or fear, are so overwhelming that the brain looks for ways to distract. Health worries fit the bill because there is little room to address an upsetting emotion when one worries intensely about their health. Health worries blanket every other thought, and this WORKS. This is the perfect distraction from unsettling feelings. When one concern is reconciled, another takes its place to veil the unaddressed emotion. Each health worry has a vital purpose, as it masks the genuine upsetting emotion, which is much more difficult to face in the long run.

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