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How to gain a competitive edge with a video CV

TikTok has introduced a video resume feature that allows people to submit a video of themselves to employers.

It could be a great way to bring out an applicant’s personality. However, some people hate video or TikTok and might shy away from applying.

If you are overwhelmed by it or don’t feel comfortable with this type of thing, you should ask yourself, “Is this the type of company I want to work for?”.

Never feel forced to do something you are not comfortable doing.

There is nothing wrong with stretching yourself and giving it a go, but if you despise it with a passion, then maybe that job is not for you.

You also have to remember that the employer will check out the rest of your TikTok account. Will that turn the employer off you?

Social media is not private.

If you do want to use a TikTok video as your CV, though, have fun with it.

Bring out your personality and show them what makes you “you”.

Also, make sure the content is aligned with the job, but have fun doing it and make sure you stand out. I would say video resumes could be popular with employers hiring for customer-facing roles because they want to know your personality and organizations that want to relate to the next generation. I don’t think it will be purely dedicated to apparent sectors such as graphic design and marketing; it could be any industry.

I have seen doctors and lawyers on TikTok, so you just never know.

It may be worth making a video CV for some roles, whether the employer asks for it or not.

As long as you also respond to what they requested.

For example, I advertised a job and asked applicants to email a particular email address, and only two out of 30 did because they didn’t read the ad; they just skimmed and pressed “apply”.

Make sure you actually follow what an employer asks for, then you can add more.

Amanda Rose is a business consultant, workplace trainer, LinkedIn influencer, and founder of six organizations – and now she is tackling your career questions for SMART Daily every week.

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