How You Can Make Simple Yet Effective Videos – 5 Easy Guidelines

Are you still scratching your head about making your first video? Well, video-making is not as simple as it seems from the outside. Besides being creative, you also need manual efforts to make your video engaging. You don’t have to invest heavily in a camera and production house to create an exciting video. You can make a simple video with the correct procedure and gain a significant reach on digital channels. What is the key to making simple yet effective videos in 2022? Read on to know five guidelines to make simple yet effective videos in 2022.


1. Pre-plan the Content

What things will you include in your video to make it engaging? Are you going to make an informational or a promotional video? All these things should be decided before making a video. You cannot open a video editor and then decide what you want to include in your video. If possible, you should write down a video script for more convenience. By pre-planning the contents of your video, you eliminate the possibility of last-minute confusion.

While planning the contents of your video, you should also decide your goals. What are the expectations from your video? Do you want to use it to invite users to your e-commerce website? Do you want to gain more followers on Twitter and Instagram by sharing engaging videos? Whatever your expectations are, decide them before making a video. Based on the expectation, several video elements are selected. For example, if you want people to visit your website after watching a video, you will add a CTA for viewers to visit the website. Similarly, many other parts of videos are decided based on the goals that the creator wants to achieve.

2. Collect Information About the Target Audience

If you are making a video only for yourself, you will include things you like. Similarly, when making videos for viewers, you need something they like. Your video content should not include personal favorites but have items desired by the viewers. It is the first rule if you want your videos to be viewed by many people on social media platforms. You should know about the preferences of your target audience before making a video for them.

You cannot share your video with every person on the earth. You will share your videos with a selected audience. If you don’t have a clear picture of your target audience, you cannot make engaging videos. When your videos aren’t relatable to the audience, they might discard them. Your simple videos might be compelling if you include the content preferred by your target audience. What information should be collected about the target audience before making a video? Some details about the target audience that you should order before making a video are as follows:

  • Video preferences change according to the age group, and you should be aware of the typical age of your target audience. It is unnecessary that centennials like the same videos as liked by millennials.
  • You need to know what social media platforms are used by people that watch your video. You should share your videos on those social media platforms used the most by the target audience.
  • You should know about the pain points of your target audience. You should also know about the educational and family backgrounds of the target audience.
  • Expert video makers always suggest collecting information about the target audience’s marital status, occupation, and geographic location.

Before making a video, you can conduct a little research to know your target audience. You can then include what you liked about them in your video and make them engaging. If your videos are relatable to the target audience, it does not matter the production budget.

3. Focus On the Editing Part

What makes a video engaging? Why can’t we directly share videos after recording them? You have to make your videos more attractive by adding editing effects. Masks, closed captions, animations, shapes, stickers, velocity effects, and many other things can be added to your video to make it more interesting. You can use an online video editor to add many such products to your videos; as such, these online editors have premade templates to make videos. A premade template can help you create simple yet effective videos with the least manual interference. Not to forget, video editors offer numerous stock images and clips that can be used for making videos. Stock media files provided by a video maker are free for commercial usage.

You do not have to invest heavily in getting a video maker subscription. If you are a novice, you can use a free version of any famous video maker. You can also get a video maker subscription at an affordable rate. Beginners should use a video maker with a simple user interface to learn editing skills quickly. An editor will help you fix the mistakes in your video. For example, you can patch audio/video delays in your content with an editor. You can learn editing techniques like stabilization, cross-cutting, and color grading to add a professional touch to your videos.

4. Use Better Gadgets

What gadgets are you using to record your video? If your recorder provides you with shaky footage, even with editing efforts, you may not stabilize it. Similarly, if your audio is not stable, you may find it hard to fix it during the editing process. You should put some effort into video recording to remove any chances of audio/video errors. Get yourself a tripod if your cameraman cannot provide you with stable footage. Investing in good-quality gadgets for video recording will provide immediate results.

Viewers on social media do not prefer a video with low quality in 2022. You can get yourself a camera that records in HD for clear footage. Similarly, you can invest in high-quality microphones to provide top-notch audio to your viewers. When your raw footage is good quality, you can add transitions and animations to make it more interesting. Make sure you also set the lighting of your recording environment to meet the viewer’s preferences.

5. Focus on Video Composition

Many video makers use the Rule of Third to frame their subjects in videos. The video frame is broken into a 3*3 grid according to the rule. When the 3*3 grids are made, intersections are found, ideal places for the video subject. The subject in your video should be framed in the best possible way. Also, while placing the issue in your video, there shouldn’t be much space over the head. It does not mean that you can cut the top portion of your subject. These little things can make simple videos more effective and engaging. You can learn about many other video composition techniques to make your videos more effective.

In a Nutshell

Check whether your videos follow the ideal dimensions while posting your videos on social media. Don’t forget to add music to your video to spice things up. This can be done with a simple video editor and high-quality recording gadgets. Start making simple yet effective videos in 2022 with an editor!

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