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Making Yourself Beautiful in Your Own Way

Beauty is an impression that pertains to humanity, and other things that the Almighty created yet is often misunderstood. The views of different people vary regarding beauty, and most of the time, it ends in confusion and frustrations. As an individual, how would you define beauty in your own perception? Some people associate beauty with the cover model in a particular magazine.

Others define beauty just like melodious music or a romantic verse. No matter how people define beauty, it is evident that there is no definite description that could clearly explain what beauty is. In this sense, it only shows that beauty is indescribable. The perception of beauty depends and varies from the individual as we have our own way of thinking. For many people, when something that satisfies and gives pleasures, that could be something beautiful. Thus, the true meaning of beauty depends on the person who receives or experiences a true feeling of joy, satisfaction, and pleasure.

However, how can you justify that a person is beautiful? Can you consider an attractive person is gorgeous? This is such a complex question that no one can give a definite answer, especially in our society where different factor influences a person’s view about beauty. Culture is one factor that influences as it sets criteria for defining beauty. In the past, the culture implied beauty as plump; therefore, it was common for many women to gain weight before getting married.

However, these beliefs have changed in modern times through the advancement of technology. Because of human interaction, the cultural preference in defining beauty changed. A standard way of expressing beauty was set and influenced by fashion through the images they project, the way they walk, and the physical aspects that include the way people dress up. This set of standards became the trend that almost all people in the world expected to abide by. However, this should not be the case because no one can define beauty and because setting such a parameter would only result in prejudices.

Katie Axon

Katie Axon is a 25-year-old junior programmer who enjoys listening to music, podcasting and theatre. She is kind and giving, but can also be very rude and a bit greedy. She is an Australian Christian. She has a degree in computing. She is obsessed with bottled water.

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