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Nicolle Flint speaks out on ‘disgusting’ backlash to misogyny speech

Outgoing Liberal MP Nicolle Flint says she has received a “disgusting” backlash after outlining her experiences of misogynistic abuse in politics.

Ms Flint said she had suffered a “tough few days” since delivering a tearful speech to parliament on Tuesday evening, when she accused Labor of failing to condemn harassment she suffered during her political career.

The member for Boothby, who will quit politics at the next election after two terms, told parliament on Thursday misogynistic abuse of female politicians “has to stop”.

“I’m tired of the political fights, I’m tired of pretending to be brave, I’m tired of having to defend the fact that I’m a woman,” she said.

Ms Flint’s electorate office was spray-painted with misogynistic abuse and her windows were smashed during a vicious 2019 election campaign, while a man was cautioned for stalking and harassing her.

She claimed activist group GetUp! was involved in the abuse, which it denied.

Ms Flint said she had been subjected to a “disgusting” backlash and a “complete denial of things I have suffered” in the 48 hours since airing her experiences.

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