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Powerball lotto jackpots to $8m tonight, draw details, winning numbers

The Powerball jackpot has climbed to $8 million for this Thursday’s draw.

It’s the sixth time this year Powerball has offered an $8 million jackpot.

So far in 2021, seven Powerball division winners have collectively scored $230 million. This year, New South Wales players have enjoyed a strong Powerball performance, with five of the seven division one winning entries landing in that state. The other two division one winning entries were from Queensland. Matt Hart, The Lott spokesman, said a single division one winner tonight would not only take home $8 million but also become Powerball’s eighth newly-minted millionaire this year.

“New South Wales players have had a stellar run this year in Powerball, with most division one wins landing that state. But, history has taught us that a Powerball win can land anywhere in the country. Who knows where our next Powerball multi-millionaire will be made. Perhaps we’ll find out tonight,” he said.

The winning numbers are: 5, 12, 10, 6, 2, 24, 25 | Powerball: 20

A hefty Powerball division one win would be one way to enter winter on a high and indeed give you a warm glow for the months and years ahead, he added. Recent research from The Lott showed $8 million would be more than enough for most Aussies to realize their dreams. For 37 percent of people surveyed, $1 million would give them all their goals, while more than a third nominated $5 million as the winning figure. But for more than 25 percent of people, more than $10 million was necessary to realize their dreams.

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