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Red Carpet Rocks Lets Jewelry Lovers Rent Statement Pieces

“There are 600 earrings, and I organize them all numerically,” Red Carpet Rocks founder Urvi Tejani told me.

Tejani made it big in Bridal as a jewelry designer. But so many women asked if they could just rent her creations that she launched Red Carpet Rocks, an online jewelry rental service featuring 600 pieces by Tejani and other designers.

Fashion Blogger Ana Kcira says styles change, and renting helps her stay trendy without breaking the bank.

“I’m always sharing with people how you can create an affordable look without really going crazy and spending million dollars you can still look like you’re 1 million bucks,” she told us.

Tejani founded the company last year and works out of a small garment district office. Stylist Lamar Wright loves the convenience of getting the pieces in the mail even when traveling.

“More so than just color, maybe you’ll think about texture wearing something with Pearl’s mixed in with some rhinestones,” he suggested.

The business is not strictly online. Women can try on the jewelry at Tejani’s showroom.

Customer Amy Wayne is very enthusiastic about the process. “I used to buy a lot of jewelry, but then where do you put it, and sustainability is such a big thing right now, so what I loved about red carpet rocks is that by renting the jewelry, I don’t have to keep anything,” she said.

“There’s no duplication, so once one goes out, there’s no chance that the client is going to have a moment where she walks into a room and sees that earring on anyone else,” Urvi assured us.

I noticed a lot of the statement earrings are clip-ons which I am not used to seeing in a fashionable earring.  Urvi told me we all think of Clip Ones as our grandmother’s earrings, but that’s not so. For huge pieces, it can help secure them on the ear without sagging the lobes.

And she’s right; none of these big glittery sets of costume earrings are my grandmother’s earrings.

For details, go to RedCarpetRocks.com.

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