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Sydney scientist Dr Vincent closes $10 million Woolworths deal

Dr. Vincent Candrawinata’s partnership with Woolworths has grown exponentially due to a “happy accident”. A Sydney scientist has revealed how the chain reaction of a “happy accident” skyrocketed his partnership with Woolworths to earn him a deal worth more than $10 million.

Dr. Vincent Candrawinata went into business with the retail giant last year after it agreed to take on two products from his brand Renovatio, which specializes in anti-inflammatory supplements.

The products, which utilize activated phenolics from apples, were developed as part of Dr. Vincent’s research while completing his Ph.D. at the University of Newcastle.

After a whirlwind first year of having a powder and supplement available to Woolworths customers – which saw the company’s revenue peak at $5 million – the brand has now secured an even bigger deal.

Dr. Vincent said a “happy accident” with an existing product sparked an idea for the brand’s rollout of its own skincare line, which Woolworths agreed to begin stocking this year.

The idea for its face cream actually came from an inventive customer, who mixed the powder with water and used it as lotion. “The study with activated phenolics was always meant for something that you take internally. However, one of our customers experimented with the powder and used it topically, and it greatly helped the inflammation on his skin,” Dr. Vincent told news.com.au.

“From then on, we created a skincare range,” he said, adding that Woolworths accepted the brand’s face cream and body cream within one year of its initial launch.

“I have confidence in our product, but at the same time, I’m also shocked,” he said.

Having never received training in marketing or business, Dr. Vincent credited his brand’s significant growth to the wealth of testimonials it had attracted.

“I believe the best form of advertisement is people’s testimonials, especially for supplements and vitamins,” he said. Dr. Vincent said many of his loyal customers spammed Woolworths with requests to stock his skincare line at the supermarket, which he believes helped make it happen.

The products were initially just sold on the company’s website and in various pharmacies and health-food stores, but now are available in every Woolworths nationwide.

Dr. Vincent added that the apples used in the products were sourced from regional NSW and every element of the line – right down to the packaging – was 100 percent Australian made.

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