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TikTok’s new developer tools allow apps to offer ‘Login with TikTok,’ sound sharing, and more – TechCrunch

TikTok is expanding its integrations with third-party apps. The company today announced the launch of two new toolsets for app developers, the TikTok Login Kit and Sound Kit, that will allow apps on mobile, web, and consoles to authenticate users via their TikTok credentials, build experiences that leverage users’ TikTok videos and share music and sounds back to TikTok from their own apps.

The company already offers tools that allow app developers to share content, including pictures and videos, back to TikTok. But the new kits — or SDKs (software development kits) — expand upon that functionality to make TikTok, not just a destination for sharing but a more deeply integrated part of the third-party app experience. For starters, the new Login Kit allows an app’s users to sign in quickly using their TikTok login credentials, similar to other social logins offered by Facebook or Snap. Once signed in, users can then access their TikTok videos in the third-party app, potentially fueling entire new app ecosystems with TikTok content.

For example, a video dating app called Snack uses the Login Kit to allow users to share their TikTok videos on their dating profiles to help them find new matches. The game recording app Medal will enable users to share their TikTok videos with their fellow gamers. And Singapore-based Burpple lets users share their food and dining reviews with a community. Other early adopters of the Login Kit include gaming clips app Allstar, anti-anxiety app Breathwork, social app IRL, and dating and friend-making apps Lolly, MeetMe, Monet, Swipehouse.

EME Hive. Creator tool provider Streamlabs also uses Login Kit, as is video game PUBG, which is only using the logloginnctionality. A forthcoming NFT platform, Neon, will use LogLogint, too. When users log in to these apps via their TikTok credentials, they’ll then be presented with an additional permissions box that asks them if the app in question can read their profile information and access their public videos, which they then have to also agree to take advantage of the additional video sharing options inside the app itself. For the time being.

These are the only permissions that Login Kit asks for — and it doesn’t give the app access to further information, like who the TikTok user’s friends are, for example. If TikTok expands beyond these permissions in the future, it will be transparent with users about any changes or new additions. For the time being, however, the focus is more on allowing apps to better integrate TikTok content into their own experiences.

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