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Twitter launches U.S. e-commerce pilot that lets users shop from profiles – TechCrunch

Twitter this morning will launch a pilot in the U.S. to test the potential for e-commerce on its platform. The company is introducing a new “Shop Module” that offers brands, businesses, and other retailers to showcase their products to Twitter users directly on the industry’s profile. Users will then scroll through a carousel of product images in the module and tap through a product they’re interested in purchasing. This opens up the business’s website inside the Twitter app itself, where the customer can learn more about the product in question and opt to make a purchase.

The Shop Module itself will appear in a new, dedicated space at the top of a supported Twitter profile, which can be seen by U.S. users in English on iOS devices. The company tells TechCrunch that only businesses with a Professional Profile will use the feature at this time. Professional Profiles, which began testing in April, give businesses, non-profits, publishers, and creators the ability to display specific information about their business directly on their profile, including things like their address, phone number, operating hours, and more. Essentially, it’s the Twitter equivalent to something like a Facebook Page for a business.

The new Shop Module will be made available to only a small group of pilot testers at launch. In addition to gaming retailer @GameStop and travel brand @ArdenCove, Twitter says there will only be approximately 10 other brands across the lifestyle, traditional retail, gaming, media and entertainment, tech, and telco industries who will gain access to the new feature. At present, Twitter isn’t offering a way for interested businesses to sign up for the pilot, as the company is only in the initial phases of testing this feature, it says.

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