What to Do If Your Phone’s Battery Draining Fast?

A dead battery is incredibly irritating when we are out of the home and need to use our phones. It can feel as if you’ve been charging the phone for full days only to see it drain in half of the time. The sim-only prepaid plans users often complain about these kinds of problems.

You may not realize that different things can drain the battery without noticing it, and controlling them can help you keep your battery charged for longer. Therefore, below are some of the most prevalent reasons for your phone’s battery to drain quickly.


Even if you’re not actively using an app, it runs in the background. Proxy servers, anti-virus, wellness, and logbook apps are just a few examples. Such applications monitor or control specific features of the phone without your intervention, which, while convenient, drastically drains the battery.

  • Brightness

What more can you do rather than lower the brightness of your screen? Switching the device and commonly used applications (like Facebook and Instagram) to the dark theme is one option. This does not substantially darken your phone’s screen, but it does change the typical white navigation and application backgrounds to black. You’d be astonished at how much power life this saves without sacrificing brightness.

Although it may appear more practical to get your brightness set to maximum, notably when you’re outside, this has a significant impact on your battery. Furthermore, using light mode while your phone is on full brightness drains your battery even more. However, a dimmed screen isn’t always practical, mainly if you have poor eyesight or are in a location with a lot of light.

  • Sometimes, you need to disconnect.

It’s a good idea to turn off your Wi-Fi while sleeping. Then, you could just use Airplane Mode on your phone. However, if you’re concerned about missing an important call, you may turn off Wi-Fi and data and still accept calls. It may seem obvious to get your Wi-Fi and data turned on at all times to stay connected at all times of the day and night. However, because you’re continuously getting messages for being sim only prepaid plans user, background updates, and other things when you don’t need them, this can severely deplete your phone’s battery.

  • Tracking applications

There are numerous apps available that can track your current location. Google Earth, Uber, and retail applications are just a few examples. While you may believe that these apps only follow the place when you use them directly, this isn’t necessarily the case. This persistent location monitoring consumes energy and depletes your phone’s battery life.

  • Use the appropriate charger.

When charging your phone, remember to use the exact charger that came with it since this has a higher probability of enabling the cell to reach its maximum capacity. This might also aid charging speed.

Never charge the battery of the phone to 100% capacity or entirely drain it to 0%. According to battery specialists and the sim only prepaid plans users, this accelerates the aging of a lithium-ion phone battery. Do not charge your phone overnight. In the long term, it’s bad for the battery’s health. Avoid using counterfeit or low-cost chargers. They’re bad for both your phone and your battery. Maintain a 20-80 percent charge on your battery. When your phone is charging, avoid using it (for example, viewing videos or playing games). Your phone may overheat as a result of this.

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